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Directed by : Kishore Kumar Pardasani

Produced by :Suresh Babu, Sharrath Marar

cast : Pawan Kalyan, Venkatesh, Shriya Saran, and others.

Music : Anup Rubens

Release Date : 10-Jan-2015


Gopala Rao (Venkatesh) is an atheist who owns a idols shop. He sells Hindu Gods idols by cheating the customers. One night his shop was collapsed due to an earthquake. When he claims, insurance, the insurance company rejects his insurance due to it is not valid due to it comes under Act of God". Gopala Rao decided to sue God for the damage has done to him. He files a case against God and he involves Gods men and various trusts that are making money using Gods name. But, Gopala Rao will fall in a danger after his petition is accepted by the court. The rest of the story is how Lord Krishna (Pawan Kalyan) saves and leads him towards the victory.

Plus Points

  • Pawan Kalyan
  • Venkatesh
  • Comedy scenes
  • Songs
  • Court scenes

Minus Points

  • Pawan Kalyan less appearance
  • Analysis

    Gopala Gopala is a remake of Bollywood movie "Oh My God". In Hindi movie leads roles played by Paresh Rawal and Akshay Kumar. In Telugu Venkatesh and Pawan Kalyan is lead roles. Director Kishore Kumar Pardasani had a big task on his hands when he selected Pawan Kalyan for God role. The director had increased scenes for Pawan Kalyan and he presented really well. Courtroom scenes and conversation between Pawan Kalyan and Venkatesh are good and meaningful. Pawan Kalyan political dialogue got claps in movie halls. “Samardhulu intlo vundipothe asamardhulu rajyamelutharu and nayukudu ante geliche vaadu kaadhu gelipinche vaadu."