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Directed by : Pawan Kalyan

Produced by :Allu Arvind

cast : Pawan Kalyan, Renu Desai, MS Narayana, Ali, Raghuvaran, Geetha, and others.

Music : Ramana Gogula

Release Date : 25-Apr-2003


Johnny (Pawan Kalyan) loses his mother (Geetha) when he as a young. Johnny runs away from his father (Raghuvaran) because he is alcoholic and also dysfunctional family problems. After a few years, Johnny becomes a martial arts coach. Unfortunately, a girl named Geetha (Renu Desai) files a case against Johnny and police arrests him. Later, Geetha comes to know it was misunderstood and she felt sorry for him. They both become friends and eventually get married. After marriage, Johnny comes to know that Geetha is suffering from Leukemia. He relocates her to Mumbai for treatment and he suppose to pay a huge amount for it. The rest of the story is whether Johnny saved his wife or not?

Plus Points

  • Pawan Kalyan fight scenes

Minus Points

  • Screenplay
  • Songs
  • Dialogues
  • No story


Screenplay is the major issue. Johnny is very flat with poor screenplay and dialogues are not effective. Movie doesnt have any strong points and songs were also failed to entertain.