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Directed by : A. Karunakaran

Produced by :G. V. G. Raju

cast : Pawan Kalyan, Keerthi Reddy, Ali, Venu, and others

Music : Deva

Release Date : 24-Jul-1998


Balu (Pawan Kalyan) is a careless guy. At his home, his mother and uncle supports and his father scolded him. He had a group of friends and always hangs around them. At a moment, Balus father is angry with him and scolds him. Balu leaves the house for a while. Unfortunately, he sees Anu (Keerthi Reddy) on the road with some kids. Anu has returned from the USA to spend time with her grandfather. Anu impressed with Balu while he saves a kids life on a motorcycle. She tries to take autograph, but she fails. Baku moves to Ooty for study purpose and accidentally he meets Anu on his way. Anu gives lift to him. In the valley car slips to the valley, Balu saves Anus life and he slips into the valley. Baku is saved by the driver and admitted in the hospital. Any know about this information and she meets Balu and expresses her gratitude to him. What will be the next whether Anu loves Balu? Baku expresses his love to Anu is the rest of the story.


Good Love Story..!