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Directed by : Bhimaneni Srinivasa Rao

Produced by :R. B. Choudary

cast : Pawan Kalyan, Devayani, Ali, Raghuvaran, Prakash Raj, and others

Music : S. A. Rajkumar

Release Date : 01-Jan-1998


Ganesh (Pawan Kalyan), a college graduate, who had been following a college girl Sandhya (Devayani) for past four years. Though Sandhya often had warned Ganesh not to follow her. But still, he follows her to express his love. One day Ganeshs friend Peter (Karan) introduces him to Sandhyas friend (Sadhika), who tries to help him with his love but she fails. Sandhyas father sees while Ganesh following Sandhya. He puts him in the police station and beaten up badly. Ganeshs father bails out him. As per Ganesh request, his father meets Sandhyas father for the marriage proposal. He denies and he plans to send his daughter to Hyderabad. The rest of the story is how Ganesh wins Sandhyas heart? What is the twist at the climax?


Emotional Love Story..!